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Real Black Friday is here

One way to invest in you is to learn new things every day. This medical crisis offers good perspectives for doing online courses in order to increase knowledge level for every programmer. Usually, more knowledge means more benefits.

This year, I’ve used this opportunity to buy multiple yearly subscriptions for different platforms to study more and more. I would like to share with you some of them which are still discounted:

  1. Whizlabs offers 50% off on all courses and 20% off on annual subscriptions. The annual price after applying the discount is $79. This acquisition is intended to let me improve my knowledge and technical skills regarding Java programming language. In fact, my plan is to obtain next year a Java certification for professionals. But is not only about Java, you can use it also for courses under Project Management area.
  2. Datacamp – offers a discount of 75% for a yearly subscription. In other words, you will pay just $99 instead of $399. You will receive more than 300 courses on different subjects: programming, data science and machine learning. In my case, I was interested in Python and how can he can be used in machine learning field. R language is also nice to have. 🙂

Happy programming. 😉


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