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(#6) Tricky Java Questions for Interviews

Q1: In which Java version, text blocks are available as preview feature?

  1. Java 10
  2. Java 11
  3. Java 12
  4. Java 13

Q2: What’s the output printed to console if you are using Java 11?

public static void main(String[] args) {
    Map<String, String> myMap = Map.of("key", "value");
    Map<String, String> myCopyMap = Map.copyOf(myMap);

    System.out.println(myCopyMap == myMap);

Q3: Spring Framework question. If you already worked with Spring framework, you probably already observed that a banner is printed to console when a Spring app is starting (during bootstrap phase). Can you imagine some useful situations when printing this banner is actually helpful?

One example of Spring banner


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