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Serve scaled images for your own blog

During last week, I’ve started to play with GTMetrix to analyze my own blog from performance perspective.

How GTMetrix works? It’s quite simple. Multiple test scenarios are launched to emphasize different issues with your WordPress blog. Today, I’m not going to talk about all existing scenarios. I don’t have enough time. I’ll treat just one case…

In my case, the initial report was:

As you can see, the biggest recommendation (or problem discovered) was: Serve scaled images. What means?

A scaled image is an image that is adjusted to match (scaled to) the exact size dimensions of images required for a site. So when you “serve scaled images”, you adjust these images to the right size before sending them to the browser.


How I managed to solve the issue? I’ve used BunnyCDN with just one click on Automatic Image Optimization:

After saving, the changes propagated in a few minutes and results started to be visible in GTMetrix:

The cost of this feature is 9.5$ / month. A little bit expensive, but for just – 2 clicks solution is still good.

Happy serving images!


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